Heating power [kW]: 0/6.0/12.0

Ventilator mode: Yes

Built-in room thermostat: Yes

Power supply [V] / Frequency [Hz]: 3x400V/50Hz

Rated current [A]: 17.4

Fan diameter [mm]: 350

Air flow [m3/h]: 1400/1550/1700

Product size (LxWxH) [mm]: 524x455x560

Net weight [kg]:24.9 | IP: 44 | Noise level: 47-60 dB

Product information

Dania SH 12kW electric space has been designed for wall mounting. It is structurally adapted to stationary work, and its equipment provides control of the work of the high suspended device from the floor level.

Works great as:
  • stationary heat source
  • support for the drying process
  • auxiliary device forcing air flow in the ventilation process

Basic features:
  • 3x400V / 50Hz three phase power supply
  • 5-pin connection socket
  • stationary device
    • wallmount bracket with horizontal and vertical position adjusting is included in the set
      • 3 horizontal positions settings
      • 3 vertical positions settings
    • wired remote control panel for parameters control (power, air flow) included in the set
      • heating power control: 1/2 power (6kW) and full power (12kW)
      • air flow rate control: 3 levels
      • fan mode: blowing without heating
  • 100% efficiency - all energy consumed heats the room
  • quiet operation
  • does not consume oxygen during operation, does not emit odors, does not emit exhaust gases
  • built-in room thermostat
  • thermal protection (thermal fuse)
  • heating elements made of stainless steel
  • durable steel construction
  • aesthetic and durable powder coating
  • designed for professional use
  • high quality workmanship, in line with EU requirements
  • high work safety

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Available accessories:
  • 2m cable 400V / 32A Art.no. 88649031
  • 10m 400V / 32A cable Art.no. 88649010

Power cable: 2m long, 3x400V/32A
for 15kW heaters
Product code: 88649031

Power cable: 10m long, 3x400V/32A
for 22kW heaters
Product code: 88649010