Output, (kW): 1,8/5,4/9

    Output, (kcal/h): 1548/4643/7739

    Output, (kj/h): 6480/19440/32400

    Mains voltage, (V): 3x400

    Max mains current, (A): 16

    Air circulation, (m²/t): 700/1000

    Fan diameter, (mm): 300

    Dimensions, (mm): 670x600x2450

    Weight, (kg): 18 | IP: 44

    Product information

    A portable space heater with 3-phase connection. Flexible and handy construction of stainless steel materials. Carrying handles can be dismounted and replaced by wall fittings (extra equipment).

    Can be used in dry, humid rooms, and rooms where fire hazards may break out as well as in farm buildings where IP54 is a requirement. Room thermostat to control the temperature. Automatic protection against overheating.

    The heater has to be reset manually. The space heater is avalaible in 9kW with an internal thermostat and is also prepared for external thermostat. Three heating effect possibilities, turn on / off switch, and a non-heating ventilation function.

    Stepless variable thermostat and properly dimensioned fan ensures an even temperature and good heat distribution. Heating elements and carrying handles are extra insulated and for increased safety a built-in thermostat which switches off in the event of overheating.

    Correctly dimensioned components, maintenance free motors, stainless steel heating elements and ISO 9000 controlled production guarantee reliable products. Controlled and effective production in large series results in attractive prices.

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