Output, (kW): 11/22

    Output, (kcal/h): 9460/18920

    Output, (kj/h): 39600/79200

    Mains voltage, (V): 3x400

    Max mains current, (A): 32

    Fan diameter, (mm): 350

    Air circulation, (m²/t): 2400

    Dimensions, (mm): 620x570x530

    Weight, (kg): 26 | IP: 44

    Product information

    Heater fan-heaters are manufactured in rugged steel cabinets with strong safety insulated handles. They have encapsulated stainless steel heating elements that are extra-insulated from the cabinet as well as a safety thermostat which guards against overheating and thus ensures that fire hazard does not arise.

    With the help of a selector switch, it is possible to choose between ½ and 1/1 heating effect and a room thermostat ensures that the desired temperature is maintained. DANIA fan-heaters can be use for domestic heating as well as in farming, building and service sectors as they are ideally suited for heating small and medium sized premises such as living rooms, workshops, garages, shops, storerooms, summer cottages, etc.

    Even larger premises, such as greenhouses, sports and factory facilities can, by using several fan heaters, be heated sufficiently. DANIA-fan-heaters are manufactured and approved according to current European standards.