Output, (kW): 7,5/15

    Output, (kcal/h): 6450/12900

    Output, (kj/h): 27000/54000

    Mains voltage, (V): 3x400

    Max mains current, (A): 21,6

    Air circulation, (m²/t): 700

    Blast opening, (mm): 200

    Dimensions, (mm): 760x410x390

    Weight, (kg): 28 | IP: 44

    Product information

    Once Heat Canon Heater 15kW Vk connected to a control panel, such as a thermostat, a timer or a hygrostat, this unit is capable of giving off heat automatically. A manuał operation is naturally also an option. This device also has a built-in thermostat with automatic re-coupling that switches off the healer in case of overload and short circuit.

    Prior to delivery, this heat canon is powered-up and tested in order to ensure the highest quality, thereby implying thai our product is highly operational and economical. With the proper use of the heat canon, it can be used without stoppage.

    Heat Canon Heater 15kW Vk can be use for premises like greenhouses, sports and factory facilities supplied with existing ventilation system.

    • Well equipped for both indoor and outdoor ventilation.
    • Extremely operation economic and highly efficient.
    • This heat canon can be utilised to its fullest potential when used in ventilated rooms.
    • lt also features protection against drying-out and frost.
    • Can be connected with one tube of 200 mm.